Magical Realism

After years of exploring many various media and techniques –

from oils and acrylics to pastels and murals, from rich impasto to translucent scumble, from abstraction to realistic ChiaroScuro, to my very own

method of silk painting – I seem to never become completely satisfied

using any one of them. That’s why I keep changing genres and

media from day to day, searching for the best way to convey my ideas.

Though I work in a style that involves techniques of Old Masters,

I also use all new mediums and methods – such as mixed media, collage and assemblage – to make my canvas ‘breathe’ and be as vibrant and

luminous as possible. Juxtaposing different textures, elaborating

layer by layer, I try to develop an air of magic and ambiguity in my painting.

I also strive to capture the hidden mystery of seemingly common things

to reveal their inner life. As Francis Bacon once said, “The job

of artist is always to deepen the mystery“.

I would label the most of my artwork as Magical Realism.